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The challenge with no deadline! Love.

Better late than never, since this one is still open.

Lindsay knows it’s not love. Not yet, at any rate – it can’t be, they’ve barely started dating. It’s only a crush. Love – love is for grown-ups and sappy movies.

Lust, on the other hand, is something she’s just discovered. Well, maybe not just discovered, but it’s taken on proportions hitherto unsuspected since Ryan entered the picture.

No, it’s not love. But when Ryan tells her he’s chosen her sister over her, it tears her in half. And when he asks her to dance, later, she's made whole again.

No, she tells herself, it’s not love. But it feels awfully close.

Orange to Lindsay - there's my girl. Plus, she got dumped by Ryan! Not for long, but still. Poor sweetums.
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