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Can we have another challenge yet?

Title: After The Fall
Fandom: The O.C.
Author: Femslashqueen
Rating: PG
Character: Caleb
Archive: Ask me first (aim.to.try@gmail.com)
Spoilers: General season 1 & 2
Written for: the_oc_100 challenge #18 - Love
A/N: A little bit of speculative future angst

Caleb married Julie for love.

Named Julie CEO for love.

Watched Julie take the fall he knew was coming for love.

He hoped Julie understood.

Knew Julie wouldn’t, couldn’t.

But he had to protect her, had to, had no choice.

He had hurt her too much, he couldn’t watch her take the fall, she he let Julie take it instead.

He loved her so much, not only because he had to, because you have to love your children but more because she has blossomed in spite of everything into a remarkable woman.

He hopes Kirsten knows this, knows she doesn’t.

Orange to my Kiki.
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