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Love drabble.

Title: Missed Him
Fandom: The O.C.
Rating: R (sex)
Summary: 100 words for the_oc_100 "Love" challenge. Julie/Jimmy.

You’re lying there naked and Jimmy’s smiling on top of you. Your clothes are thrown on the floor but you’re not worrying about wrinkles. He kisses you, caresses your nipple with his familiar thumb, before he thrusts and joins your body to his.

You gasp aloud and lift your hips to welcome him. You’ve missed him more than you expected. “Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy,” you repeat, until you can’t do anything but scream. He doesn’t answer with your name, not until you‘ve both come and he‘s collapsed beside you.


When you start to cry, you can’t deny you love him.

Coconut to Julie, cuz she's teh hotness. ;)
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